so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

(William Carlos Williams, 1923)


Them Strange Folk

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Calder Folk was an illustration installation project inspired by the folklore and place legends of the Upper Calder Valley where I live that I am currently working on. 

As part of this project there were:

Two exhibitions

September 2nd - 29th  and November 5- 28th | Todmorden Information Centre

A live event

2-5pm | October 2nd | Trades Club, Hebden Bridge

Here is a link to a film documenting the gig by the lovely Nick Farrimond with help from Mark S. Williamson

Five outdoor artworks and musical works

For you to find in unexpected outdoor spaces across the Upper Calder Valley between 1 September and
1 December 2021.

Here is a link to a film documenting the project created by Nick Farrimond also with audio from Mr Jonathan Farr.

There were five foldable booklets created for this project, each with a specially created map, poem and illustration inspired by place legends from within the Upper Calder Valley for you to use to roam the hills and explore the valleys that surround us here in Calderdale.

These maps were used to find both the outdoor artworks created and hidden in the landscapes of the Upper Calder Valley and also the place legends they reference.

To find these maps online, please follow the links:

Old Scraper

Bracken Feet

Black Pit

The Watcher

The Wizard of Whirlaw

A specially commissioned musical work was also presented on each of the outdoor artworks via a QR code for you to experience in situ with the artwork using a mobile device.

Five musicians/ bands were commisioned for the project. 

To hear music created for this project by each musician, click on their name below:

Sophie Cooper

Max Levy

Mark S. Williamson

The Greyhounds

Jennifer Reid

All of these works were performed at the Trades Club in Hebden Bridge, 2-5pm on October 2nd as part of a Hebden Bridge Folk and Roots Festival event.

There were also 5 poems specially recorded for the project by half man half fox Jonathan Farr.
Please follow this link to find them- click here

Calder Folk was created working in partnership with Northern Earth Magazine and Hebden Bridge Folk and Roots Festival.

John Billingsley
Pamhidzai Broodie
Calderdale Council
Calderdale Council Parks Team
Gary Campbell
Nick Farrimond
The Hebden Folk and Roots Festival Team

This project has been funded by Arts Council England